The illuminati was formed in the year 1776 in bavaria,europe.Innocent people are attracted and ruled through sport,music,film and the gospel.In the U.S.A. TD Jakes,Creflo Dollar and Joel Oestien are just some of the many illuminati pastors.In Africa,pastor chris of nigeria is but one.However our attention should be on the season that we are now in, God will effect 1 kings 18:20 on false bible prophets and illuminati pastors,some i will provide their names and the rest you will know of them once the pattern of judgment i will show you takes a toll on them.When will these judgments begin? what is the tangible proof that such judgments are coming? Why is the illuminati so exposed as from the year 2000 but a big secret before that? MILLIONAIRE TIPS,view them here  MONEY:DO YOU MEAN GOD OR GOLD? HOW IS MONEY MULTIPLIED? View at

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